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About us

Focused on private wealth and investment

Eigers is a boutique law firm built from the ground up to understand and meet the needs of successful private businesses, investors, and wealth owners.

The world of financing and investment has changed. Investment is increasingly coming from private sources – from venture capitalists and private equity houses, high-net-worth individuals, sovereign wealth funds and family offices, as opposed to the traditional sources of banks or capital markets.

Private clients’ needs have also changed. Personal and business concerns overlap and individuals operate across multiple jurisdictions. They are responsible for managing the fortunes and reputations of their business, their families and themselves. These are not tasks to be tackled alone.

We understand this changing landscape, and believe that we have the knowledge and experience to help our clients confidently adapt to such challenges with state-of-the-art solutions. We will stand beside our clients kicking down walls and putting up defenses to help them achieve their most important goals, through innovative, responsive, and effective legal services.

International capability

A significant part of our business is advising on multi-jurisdictional matters. By working with other leading independent firms and lawyers around the world in each relevant jurisdiction, Eigers provides a seamless service, wherever and whenever our clients need it. The quality, integration of service and advice, cost-effectiveness and flexibility we offer for cross-border needs are second to none.

Our principles

Our clients are individuals

We have a sense of responsibility towards the people, not just the institutions we serve.

Our approach is straightforward

We listen carefully, respond promptly, and deliver work of uncompromising standards.

Our advice can be trusted

Our solutions are designed around the client, not the product. We think long term.