Wealth protection


Wealthy individuals, families and business owners make it a priority to protect, manage and grow their wealth for the future.

Achieving these aims is increasingly complex in a world where families have assets in several countries or reside in multiple jurisdictions during the course of their lives, and where local tax and succession laws can vary enormously. For many, rising tax rates in the developed world are a threat to wealth that may have been accumulated over generations, and careful long-term planning is required to reduce that threat.

Eigers helps clients achieve their goals, wherever in the world they may have personal, family or business interests. We serve Canadian and international families, successful entrepreneurs and business owners, family offices, family businesses, rural businesses and landed estates, along with the private and international banks, residential property development companies, private investment companies, property trading companies, wealth managers and trust companies that advise them.

Whatever the subject, our role is the same: fiercely to guard our clients’ interests, making their problems our own, so that they can feel confident we will solve them quickly and professionally.


  • Asset protection
  • Estate planning
  • Domestic and offshore trusts
  • Heritage property
  • Art
  • Wealth tax planning